CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

CSAs are an ever-growing popular option for committing to eating seasonal produce while supporting local agriculture and small family farms.  CSAs are great for folks who enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables and are interested in trying new things.    


CSAs provide the farmer with a welcomed committment from the consumer to buy from them.  The farmer committs to providing a pre-determined amount of fresh produce each week for a set period of time.  With our CSA, we want to provide a diverse offering to the consumer.  In order to do that, we reach out to other local farmers who may specialize in produce that we do not offer such as peaches, apples, pears and asparagus etc.

Our Offering:


13 weeks of fresh, local produce beginning Friday, May 18th and ending August 10th.


The large offering 

has 8-10 items per box. 

The total commitment is $409.50


The small offering has 4-5 items per week. 

The total commitment is $223.08.


Thank you for joining our CSA and supporting our family farm.  

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To Sign up just call:


or email 


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