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How It Works: 

Farmer John, our son Noah and family and friends help us plant 35,000 strawberry plants each year.  Field Trips are conducted beginning mid-April and continue through mid-May.  


We welcome all types of groups for strawberry picking field trips as long as there are at least 10 students attending.  We can easily accommodate entire grade levels as well.  
Our field trip includes 3 centers:

  • A lesson on growing strawberries, the lifecycle of the strawberry plant plus fun facts about one of our farm animals and an encounter with them.

  • We provide a 2 quart basket for strawberry picking and the student fills it with fresh picked strawberries that they pick from the field.  The student keeps the basket. 

  • A hayride around our 19 acre working farm. 

The group rotates through each "center".  Larger groups are broken into manageable sizes and rotate through in smaller groups.  The entire trip takes approx. 1 hour.  Ms. Robin organizes the group when you arrive and gives directions to the students, teachers and parents.  We can accommodate AM and PM kindergarten.  

If your group has time, they are welcome to stay after the field trip.  We have picnic tables for lunch or snack, adults can shop from the farm stand, catch a coffee from the coffee truck, children can play in the play area and visit with the farm animals.   We have port-o-potty restrooms.  

Prices: $8.50 per student, 1 teachers and 1 assistant from each class are free.  For Homeschool groups, 1 coordinator picks for free.  
Siblings can join if the school allows, the charge is $8.50 and includes everything the student enjoys.  2 and under are free on the hayride.  
Adults (parents, grandparents, guardians) are welcome if the school allows, the charge is 4.00 for the hayride.  


If they choose to pick strawberries, the adult can pay by the pound at the farm stand separately.  


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