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Who we are:

Hickory Ridge Farm is family owned and operated and located in the Hickory Section of Chesapeake.  Our farm is 18 acres and includes 3 acres of strawberries in May, Summer produce from June-August and you-pick and wholesale pumpkins in the fall.

John's family ran the farm as a part-time operation many years ago and grew pumpkins and strawberries. After his mother, father, aunts and uncles retired from their career jobs, they also decided to put the farm up for sale. After much prayer and consideration, we asked the family about opening the operation again in 2011. With the family's blessing and guidance, John began farming the land. Having never farmed before, he had a lot to learn! With the guidance of family, our extension agents and other farmer friends, he has learned so much and continues to learn more and more every year!

The job of farming has become a full time venture for our family. Our triplet boys are now at an age to help at the farm and become more involved every year. We have been blessed with an extremely supportive family and community. We continue to look for ways to grow every year with the hopes of passing the tradition and way of life down our children.

We thank God for our supportive family and friends.  Without their help and support, we would have never been able to do this adventure!  

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